Saturday, April 23, 2011

Jared Receives His Mission Call

April 6, 2011

Michelle got a call from Jared about 2:00 PM EDT saying that his mission call had come in the mail. We decided that 6:00 PM EDT would be a good time for us to all "get together" so he could open his call. Glen picked up Helen after work and brought her to our house for dinner and so she could be there when he opened his call. Below is the only picture we took, so it is the one that gets posted.

Jared had a lot of friends from the dorm there when he opened his call along with good friends Scott Maughan and Rebecca Field.

Jared's Aunt Tammy (Jimenez) and her kids Matt, Gabby, and Hannah were also there along with Jared's grandparents, John and Jean Worthen. We were glad that Jared had some family there with him, since none of his immediate family were there.

This is a picture of Jared calling Brett and Erin on a 3-way call so they could at least hear where he got called to. We were in NY on Skype with Jared.

And the exciting news is that Jared is going to....the Honolulu, Hawaii mission, English speaking. He enters the Provo MTC on June 8th. We are all so excited for him! Congratulations Jared!