Friday, June 7, 2013


Jared arrived home on June 7th. He left Hawaii Thursday evening, flew all night and arrived in LA on Friday morning.  Then he had a 3 hour layover in LA before departing to Detroit where he had ANOTHER layover.  Finally he flew from Detroit to Albany and got in about 7:30pm.  It was very exciting!

Welcome Home Elder Brooksby!!!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Final Email

Hey Everyone!
Sooo... here's the thing.  This is my last email home.  Pretty weird huh?
2 years!  2 whole years!  GONE.  Well spent though:)
Welp we've got a member (recent convert woot woot!) taking us out to lunch in a little bit here...  and I wont lie, my motivation to do this email is dwindling rapidly.
Just know how much my mission has changed me.  
I've really gained a testimony out here where I just didn't have any lasting one before.
I've learned a lot about myself personally and the gifts that Heavenly Father has given to me.
I've learned what true work ethic is.
I've gained so much knowledge about the Atonement and the Savior.
I have a true testimony of the power of the scriptures and of the importance of a modern day prophet.
I've learned that this is the true church, without a doubt.
I LOVE you all so much.  
Thanks for all of your support, be sure to keep in touch when I come home... rather I'll be sure to keep in touch when I come home haha.
Mahalo nui loa, Aloha, Ofa Atu, Alua,  Take it Easy!
Love, Elder Jared Glen Brooksby