Monday, December 31, 2012

Hello everybody!  How's being in New York for the Holidays?  You guys must be busy doing all sorts of fun things haha.

Well where to start... Thanks for the fun phone call home and all the wonderful gifts on Christmas! And Erin I got your package and I love it!  It's holding my keys as we speak, so thanks a lot:)
I never got to tell you all about my Christmas Eve.  One of the pics is of food on a table.  LOTS of food.  The family we ate with own a restaurant, so if you look close you'll see prime rib, crab legs, steak medium-rare, ham (my FAVORITE lol) all that jazz.  It was awesome:) 
But just not like being at home.  Nothing beats that. 
 I'm attaching a pic of me and my uke... it's a little different from Lauren's one haha;)  It's electric-acoustic with a built in tuner.  AMAZING.  
Christmas was awesome.  Started the morning with a big breakfast at Wahiawa 2nd bishop's house,  then called home (best part of the day) then we played pool the rest of the day, ate Swiss steak at a member's house and called it a day.  
Later on in the week we baptized David and Kylie.  FINALLY!!!!  I've worked so hard for this so it was nice to see it through.  David was baptized by his father and I baptized Kylie.  It went so well and their confirmations were great as well.  All in all a pretty good week I think haha.
Elder Brooksby

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Temple Trip

Elders Brooksby and Mitton

Hey everybody!  First off sorry for not telling you that we were going to email today.  We had our temple trip today so that was nice.  And so guess where I am?  The BYU Hawaii Library!  It's cool I got to see a lot of the places that we went back when we were on vacation here haha.
Anywho... this has been a hard week just because of all the stressing things that have been going on. So we have an investigator who has been investigating for some time now, but we just found out on Sunday that in order to be baptized on the 29th of December, her broke off his engagement and then retreated to Maui for a couple days to relieve stress... So we're hoping he'll be back and able to make his baptismal date.  We also have a couple of other investigators who will be getting baptized - probably in January. But transfers are coming up in a week here so it's kind scary to think that I might get transferred out again before those baptisms actually happen.

I've also been really sick.  Like, "I think I have the black lung papa!"  Haha but seriously, it's been miserable to ride bikes all day feeling like the stuff you scrape from the bottom of a food disposal. 

Elder Bateman and I get along well.  Right now we're working on bolstering our faith in the things that our President asks us to do.  I know that we need to have faith and then we'll see results, not the other way around.
Well it sounds like another week has come and gone in the Brooksby Ohana.  Will everyone be home for Christmas but me?  Oh well haha there's always the future ones...
Well Hope eveything else is going well!
I LOVE YOU ALLLLLWarmest Aloha (You'll need it where it's so cold;)
Elder Brooksby

Monday, December 3, 2012

Hello Everyone! Howzit? (I keep saying howzit at the beginning because, let's be fair, when I come home, I'm not going to be saying "hello" to anyone I don't think... I think it'll mostly be "howzit" and "wassup" haha)

So I'll start by sending a few pics and go from there... Brother M. informed me that I don't send as many pictures as you would like, so I'll try and be better at that haha.


Christmas Decorations are going up!! It's just not the same without the weather changing though haha.


Here's a picture of something that my cousin Erica Brooksby drew and I thought was hilarious... hopefully you like it too haha.


I found a car that was from New York... with a BILLY FUCILLO plate cover! I never would have thought that I would've seen one of those on my mission in Hawaii hahaha.


Last pic - Elder Bateman is a photographer so he can take some interesting shots, unfortunately, my camera is less than capable of artistic shots, but I still liked this one.


Well life is good! We are teaching this family of three and they felt the Spirit, know they want to be baptized, came to our Christmas party, and to church the next day and LOVED it:) So now we're waiting for the dad of the family to get back from Afghanistan, he's deployed currently. But the mom was talking to him on the phone and she was so excited she was like "When you get back you have to meet these guys!" so I'm stoked.

We had 6 investigators at Sacrament meeting this week, so I was stoked.

So I'm serving with no regrets and I'm gonna finish hard here. But it's weird to thikn that I'll probably only have one more area, one or two more companions and I only have 4 transfers left. It's trippy to think about... so I don't think about it that much haha.

Well I love you all so much and I'll be better about sending pictures in the future:)

Mahalo nui Loa and warmest alohaaaaa Elder Brooksby