Monday, December 3, 2012

Hello Everyone! Howzit? (I keep saying howzit at the beginning because, let's be fair, when I come home, I'm not going to be saying "hello" to anyone I don't think... I think it'll mostly be "howzit" and "wassup" haha)

So I'll start by sending a few pics and go from there... Brother M. informed me that I don't send as many pictures as you would like, so I'll try and be better at that haha.


Christmas Decorations are going up!! It's just not the same without the weather changing though haha.


Here's a picture of something that my cousin Erica Brooksby drew and I thought was hilarious... hopefully you like it too haha.


I found a car that was from New York... with a BILLY FUCILLO plate cover! I never would have thought that I would've seen one of those on my mission in Hawaii hahaha.


Last pic - Elder Bateman is a photographer so he can take some interesting shots, unfortunately, my camera is less than capable of artistic shots, but I still liked this one.


Well life is good! We are teaching this family of three and they felt the Spirit, know they want to be baptized, came to our Christmas party, and to church the next day and LOVED it:) So now we're waiting for the dad of the family to get back from Afghanistan, he's deployed currently. But the mom was talking to him on the phone and she was so excited she was like "When you get back you have to meet these guys!" so I'm stoked.

We had 6 investigators at Sacrament meeting this week, so I was stoked.

So I'm serving with no regrets and I'm gonna finish hard here. But it's weird to thikn that I'll probably only have one more area, one or two more companions and I only have 4 transfers left. It's trippy to think about... so I don't think about it that much haha.

Well I love you all so much and I'll be better about sending pictures in the future:)

Mahalo nui Loa and warmest alohaaaaa Elder Brooksby

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