Monday, November 26, 2012


 Hey Hey Hey everybody!  Howzit?

Awww  I'm glad you ran into Emily Hoskinson.  You should tell her that I still keep the picture of her, Jordan Armstrong, Tyler Giroux and myself in front of the dinner cruise boat on my desk.  People always ask if it's my family haha.  

Well my Thanksgiving was good... it's just not the same away from family but it was good nonetheless:)  We went to our ward mission leaders' house and he had TURDUCKEN.  It was good!  It worked out really well for such an interesting concept.  It sounds like although your Thanksgiving was kinda helter-skelter it was a success!  

Haha I have to laugh about your Bon-Ton experience...  Wasn't that where I went to get Dad something specific... then when I got there they either didn't have what I wanted or they wouldn't let me get the sale on it?  I don't know I just remember swearing off ever going there again and all I walked out of there with was... a pair of wigwam socks.  Nice socks though haha:)

Well this was a strangely productive week!  Elder Bateman and I are doing just fine.  We committed a family to baptism last Saturday and they accepted!!!  The first success I've seen in quite some time, so I'm happy:)

Well I think that's about it... I Love you all and miss you all soooooo much:)

Happy Holidays!  Mahalo nui Loa, Elder Brooksby

Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello Hello!  Howzit?

Well for me the time is doing the "rubber-band effect".  At the beginning of my mission it was going very slowly and now it's going very quickly.  That whole last transfer went by like a blur.  So yeah I kinda know how you feel haha.  

I have a new companion, Elder Marshall Bateman from Mesida, Utah (the West side of Utah Lake).  He's cool... and easy to get along with and he works hard so I'm happy right now haha.  

WOW I'm glad Scott's grandpa is doing alright! Hopefully he continues to mend up.

Well things are going great here now.  The Zone has really shaped up this past week, and we've got some stellar missionaries.  And they've re-arranged my District so I have the Sisters and the Senior couple in my District so that's fun, I can handle that.  We're shooting for two baptized in December with 20 baptized overall in December as a zone, so we're excited and I finally feel like we have the tools to accomplish our purpose.

So thanks for the email and the support, and Happy Thanksgiving!  I'll be going to my ward mission leader's house for Thanksgiving and he's ordering a *drum roll please*
TURDUCKEN.  The thing looks gnarly. I'm so excited haha.

Love you all have a good week!

Mahalo Nui Loa, Elder Brooksby

Monday, November 12, 2012

Staying in Mililani

 Hello everybody!  Howzit?

So I think it's going to be a short email this week, what with Veteran's Day and all.  So Elder O. is getting transferred.  I was all ready for another transfer with him because this is his last transfer... but we got transfer calls and he's going somewhere else for his last transfer.  So we'll just have to wait and see what happens this transfer and who my new companion will be.  Anywho, so I'm staying in Mililani and I've finally got some work going here, so I'm excited, we'll see what happens! 

By the way, yes they do Halloween in Hawaii... I think they just didn't want to decorate haha.  And yeah plenty people gave us candy, but it wasn't as good as the candy you sent me, you knew the exact kinds that I like haha.  And thanks for giving me a little perspective on the Lord's timing it means a lot and I feel like that's been something I've been focusing on a lot.  So thank you so much:)

Anyways I love you all and I'll write longer next week.  Happy Day off work!
Love, Elder Brooksby

Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Halloween

Hey Hey Hey:)  How's it going?  This is our wonderfully decorated apartment thanks to the Halloween package I received:)  THANKS!  We were the most festive people out of our whole block of apartments.  Awesome:)

So it sounds like this week has been a crazy one.  How sad that you guys didn't have anytime to relax a little this week.  But you got to go to the temple so at least you had that going! I don't know when our next temple trip will be. 
So about the mystery of the two church buildings right next to each other in Mililani.  There are four wards that meet in these buildings and the larger building is the Stake Center for the Mililani stake which has 8 wards overall.  Mililani 1st ward (where I am) meets in the Stake Center.
I'm jealous of your Fast Sunday meal.  We almost didn't have one haha.  Our dinner called and said that they were all sick and weren't sure if they could feed us but they ended up making us oven pancakes and bringing them over to our apartment.  SO GOOD.  Man it's been forever since I've had one of those.
Also before I forget, yes I did get your package (the post-Halloween one)!  Thanks so much:)  It made my day haha.  It's been a long time since I tasted chocolate chip cookies like those:)  Thanks for always sending packages and letters, it makes a huge.
Well not much has changed with the area.  We did find some new investigators yesterday so that was good:)  We have interviews with the mission president coming up in a few weeks, so that will be interesting.
Elder O. goes home on December 19th so I'll find out soon if we stay together until then.
Well I gotta get going,
I love you all so much and hope everything continues to go great back home:)
MAHALOHAWAII, Elder Brooksby