Monday, November 26, 2012


 Hey Hey Hey everybody!  Howzit?

Awww  I'm glad you ran into Emily Hoskinson.  You should tell her that I still keep the picture of her, Jordan Armstrong, Tyler Giroux and myself in front of the dinner cruise boat on my desk.  People always ask if it's my family haha.  

Well my Thanksgiving was good... it's just not the same away from family but it was good nonetheless:)  We went to our ward mission leaders' house and he had TURDUCKEN.  It was good!  It worked out really well for such an interesting concept.  It sounds like although your Thanksgiving was kinda helter-skelter it was a success!  

Haha I have to laugh about your Bon-Ton experience...  Wasn't that where I went to get Dad something specific... then when I got there they either didn't have what I wanted or they wouldn't let me get the sale on it?  I don't know I just remember swearing off ever going there again and all I walked out of there with was... a pair of wigwam socks.  Nice socks though haha:)

Well this was a strangely productive week!  Elder Bateman and I are doing just fine.  We committed a family to baptism last Saturday and they accepted!!!  The first success I've seen in quite some time, so I'm happy:)

Well I think that's about it... I Love you all and miss you all soooooo much:)

Happy Holidays!  Mahalo nui Loa, Elder Brooksby

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