Monday, November 14, 2011


Hello Hello everybody! How you stay? Stay cherry?
I'm doing alright! A little stressed but doing pretty well haha. Yes I'm still in the Tongan ward here in Waipahu and I'm training Elder T. and we get along very well. Elder T. is Tongan from West Jordan, Utah, and straight from the MTC! Can you believe it, my fourth transfer out and I'm already training someone in their first transfer. Woot! Unfortunately, President doesn't let us do language study because we were both called to English speaking missions and most of the people in our ward can speak English well enough for us to get a point across. So the language isn't really coming along that great but I'm catching on to as much as I can.
It sounds like your lives are all pretty busy! I'm kinda envious, because this work that I'm about is very physically and mentally stressful. Now I'm not saying that your lives aren't stressful but I'm pretty sure that blowing leaves would be a lot easier than dealing with angry people or being so far from home. I miss you all so much. But I'm having fun on my Mission, although I had to wade through a lot of junk to find it haha. But it's here and it's rewarding:)
Speaking of missing you all, I was shopping with a bunch of other Elders at Walmart and guess what I saw and bought on the spot? The Carpenter's "A Christmas Portrait". I'd been wanting it a lot in preparation for the Christmas season and since it's some of the only Christmas music I remember listening to since I was little, and President approved Christmas songs (because they invite the spirit of Christ). But don't worry, I won't listen to it until after Thanksgiving. Speaking of Thanksgiving, as far as I know we're just going to a member's house for Thanksgiving dinner and that's it!
I'm sorry I haven't sent pictures is awhile, my camera card is full and because of how old the camera is anything bigger than a 2GB card it cannot read. So since 2GB cards are hard to come by, I haven't taken a lot of pictures lately. I have a few, but I'm sending them to you in a letter.
But the work presses on! We're looking at 2 baptisms next week and we're working hard everyday! I love you all sooo much and I miss you a bunch. Sorry there's not really a lot to write about this week, nothing very exciting happened. At least not compared to last transfer anyways haha.
Well thanks for all your support and love you're sent me! I really appreciate it all:)
Take it easy!
Stay Cherry!
Love, Elder Jared Brooksby