Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Halloween

Well life is just chugging right along here in the Mililani 1st area. Hmmm... what happened this week... We did have a tsunami warning, it went off right during the stake trunk-or-treat haha! I have NEVER heard something so loud in my whole life. It was fantastic, we were all stoked haha in a weird sort of way. We knew that we were high enough up that it wasn't going to do any harm to us. I think the actual event was only like 17 inches of a surge. WOW. We all almost died. I think my feet might've gotten wet- oh wait that's cause I was in the shower. Woop-de-doo haha. I've heard that they really haven't gotten any bad tsunami's in recent history but it's better to be safe than sorry I guess especially on an island haha.

Well my time is up, there's not much else new to report but I'm liking the area, biking around all the time is hard here but I'm getting used to it I guess. Elder Obray goes home before Christmas.

I love you all. Thanks for your support and the great package:) I'll be sure to wear the tie on Halloween! And Dad I hope your knee is getting better and that the mower continues to "come off the conqueror" against "The Lawn":)

 Mahalo Nui Loa and warmest Aloha, Elder Brooksby

 Me and the Brooksby clan over here in the Mililani first ward.  I think the kids and I are 3rd cousins...  anyways I think that Brother Brooksby's face structure is similar to dad's, have a look!

 Just a recent picture of me... figured I haven't sent you a recent one in awhile...

After I opened my package I built the Lego set haha,
it'd been FOREVER since I had done one of those:)  Thanks!

My Costume... nah nah nah haha:)  I just found this in the pad.

Monday, October 22, 2012

October, where have you gone?

Hey Everybody!  It seems like today might actually be a productive email day today haha:)
Sooo... how am I?  Good, but SUPER tired. This area is very big and hilly, and  we have to cover it all on bike. So I sweat a ton (I was wondering what life would be like without sweat glands...  I think it would be great.) and get very sore. Hopefully at the very least I can lose more weight.
Mission life going as good as it can be.  I try to lead by example, teach them correct principles and let them govern themselves.  
Anyways it sounds like you had a BLAST with E, B, and E at the house the past week.  I'm jealous, I'm missing all of E's cute moments, but oh well I guess I'll just have to make up for them somehow when I get back.  I'm sure it'll freak me out  how big they've gotten haha.
WOW Elder Benedict is about to get home?  NUTS!  So he's got 2.5 more transfers.  That'll go way quick and by the time he's all pau Elder Yoshikawa will have 1.5 months, I'll have 4 Months, Elder Maughan will have 2 more months, and that'll just about wrap up the missionaries my age... did I forget anybody?
Also, I ate dinner with the Brooksbys this week.  How are the rest of the Brooksbys doing?  Grandma still doing ok?  Anything else noteworthy?
I forgot my camera today so I had a picture of me with the Brooksbys but that'll have to wait till next week.
Thanks for all your support!
I love and miss you all soooo much.
Take it easy, Elder Brooksby

Monday, October 15, 2012

Bike a little, walk a little!

So where to begin...  This week has been good for the most part.  A lot of biking and a lot of walking as well.  We have some potential, but it's going to take some hard work!. So we're not looking at any baptisms right now, but we'll keep working at it.

Before I forget, ask Dad if he knew an Elder Kamiya from his mission? 
Also, Dad it's scary how much your face looks like the face of Wayne Brooksby, the member here who is my 2nd cousin once removed I think?  Like take off all his hair, and your faces are i.d.e.n.t.i.c.a.l.  It's pretty strange.  
Well I think that's about all for this week.  Sorry it's been a weird email day today.  The picture I'm sending you is Me and Wynn after she gave me a haircut.
Anyways, until next week, I love you all and miss you all a lot.
Love, Elder Brooksby

Monday, October 8, 2012

Mililani, Oahu

Well this is a bummer, cause now that I've spent my whole time today figuring out that last week's email never sent, and getting THAT to send... I have 5 minutes left on this computer.  MAN I HATE NOT HAVING GOOD COMPUTERSSSSS!!!!

So this week.  I'm have a new companion.  His name is Elder O. from North Ogden, Utah.  He goes home in two transfers so I'll probably be the one who will finish his mission with him.  It's hard being in a new area.  I was used to knowing the area, not I don't really know what to do.  Oh and it's a biking area. 

 I loved conference, especially Elder D. Todd Christofferson in priesthood.  VERY good talk although Elder Hollands was amazing as well.  I have a voice recorder and I recorded conference so I've already re-listened to both those talks.

I was excited to hear about the changes in ages for missionaries.  Hopefully the new changes to when you can serve will help with keeping them obedient and dedicated.  I have no doubts this is inspiration.  Be sure to let me know who actually ends up putting their papers in, I'd be very interested to know!
Anyways, my session is about to expire so I have to go.  I'm so sorry for this weeks/last weeks mix ups.  Hopefully it wont happen again:(

By the way - I'm in the Mililani First ward, Mililani Stake, Oahu.  There are Brooksbys in this ward!  I figured out that I am 3rd cousins with Lucas Brooksby, the son of Wayne Brooksby.  Kinda ironic I think haha.  Hopefully that'll give you a little bit more info to hold you over until next week...

I Love you all soooo much!
Elder Brooksby

Hey real quick I'm attaching a few photos, the first should be 
Elder M. and I with The Gleeds, our ward mission leader and his wife.

This is Fediuk Family, they are amazing and I was sad to leave them. 

This is the Gray family,
her name is Michelle so that always made me think of you mom:) 

Monday, October 1, 2012


We learned that Jared is being transferred.  Unfortunately he didn't know where or who was going to be his new companion yet.  I guess we'll find out next Monday.  Stay tuned!