Monday, October 8, 2012

Mililani, Oahu

Well this is a bummer, cause now that I've spent my whole time today figuring out that last week's email never sent, and getting THAT to send... I have 5 minutes left on this computer.  MAN I HATE NOT HAVING GOOD COMPUTERSSSSS!!!!

So this week.  I'm have a new companion.  His name is Elder O. from North Ogden, Utah.  He goes home in two transfers so I'll probably be the one who will finish his mission with him.  It's hard being in a new area.  I was used to knowing the area, not I don't really know what to do.  Oh and it's a biking area. 

 I loved conference, especially Elder D. Todd Christofferson in priesthood.  VERY good talk although Elder Hollands was amazing as well.  I have a voice recorder and I recorded conference so I've already re-listened to both those talks.

I was excited to hear about the changes in ages for missionaries.  Hopefully the new changes to when you can serve will help with keeping them obedient and dedicated.  I have no doubts this is inspiration.  Be sure to let me know who actually ends up putting their papers in, I'd be very interested to know!
Anyways, my session is about to expire so I have to go.  I'm so sorry for this weeks/last weeks mix ups.  Hopefully it wont happen again:(

By the way - I'm in the Mililani First ward, Mililani Stake, Oahu.  There are Brooksbys in this ward!  I figured out that I am 3rd cousins with Lucas Brooksby, the son of Wayne Brooksby.  Kinda ironic I think haha.  Hopefully that'll give you a little bit more info to hold you over until next week...

I Love you all soooo much!
Elder Brooksby

Hey real quick I'm attaching a few photos, the first should be 
Elder M. and I with The Gleeds, our ward mission leader and his wife.

This is Fediuk Family, they are amazing and I was sad to leave them. 

This is the Gray family,
her name is Michelle so that always made me think of you mom:) 

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