Monday, January 21, 2013

New Missionary Gear?

We got a letter from Elder Brooksby yesterday with these two pictures attached.  He said that the pictures were taken after a member said he needed more protection while riding his bike because he and his companion almost got "creamed" earlier that day.  So the member gave them his dirt biking gear to try on.  I can only imagine how hot you'd get wearing all that gear while riding your bike.

He also said that he ran into a former Hawaii Honolulu missionary who was from Fiji, at the Social Security office (he was there getting a new SS card).  I guess the guy was back because he was going to go to school at BYU-H.  Jared said it was great to talk to him, but weird at the same time.  He said he remembered the young man going home like it was yesterday, but in reality the former missionary had been home for a whole year.  Jared said he feels like his mission is going by too quickly.  He also said that a lot of his good friends in the mission are going home this coming transfer, and it makes him sad.

But he got to see a former companion whom he really liked, Elder M at a Zone Conference a little while ago, and he said that was great.

It sounds like transfers are in two weeks and that he can't quite decide if he wants to be transferred or not.  He likes where he is, but would also like to see another area before he comes home. Transfers always bring surprises - but hopefully they will be ones that he likes!

Elder Brooksby is at the point in his mission that I remember reaching in mine.  You're very comfortable as a missionary and a little apprehensive about returning home and what that will be like.  He said he's excited to see us again but everything else about returning home scares him.

This past week was a very productive one for him.  He said they taught a lot of people, and found a lot of people.  He also said he really worked with a recent convert who was having some difficulties.

I love getting letters from Jared and seeing the growth he's had while he's been serving a mission!

Monday, January 14, 2013

What a Dinner!

We got this picture from a sister in the ward where Elder Brooksby is serving.  He and his companion were having dinner there.  It was so nice to get the picture and to read the kind words that were said about him.  It makes my day!

Our email from Elder Brooksby was short.  He said that there's not too much new to report for this week.  Although he did say that he would probably be coming home a week or two earlier than planned because of the influx of new missionaries into the mission.  He said every departing group is going home one or two weeks early.  That means we should see him the end of May or first of June.  How exciting.

He also said that transfers there are in three weeks and he thinks he'll be getting transfered this transfer or next, and that that will be his last transfer before coming home.  It seems funny to even talk about his return.

He also said that his Zone was able to go to Outback Steakhouse with the mission president and how much he enjoyed the food there.

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Tahitian Haka

Wow it sounds like you all have had an exciting 2 weeks there haha.  I guess things always get nuts around the holidays though.  

Well what has happened this week...
We spent New Year's Eve with the King family in the Tongan ward I served in last year.  They have a farm on the side of a mountain near Kunia road.  We were there all night and we were able to see everything from Wahiawa to Ala Moana light up in pyrotechnics.  A night I'll never forget, it was pretty gnarly haha.

Then New Year's Day was just nice and relaxing haha.

The next few days we had some meetings and lessons but nothing of consequence.
Friday we had an amazing lesson with a family we were teaching.  The spirit was so strong!  The husband just returned from Afghanistan and we had been teaching the wife for awhile now,  and she said she knew the church was true and said she would be baptized!!!   I'm stoked for this month, we'll have to wait and see what happens:)

Here's a picture of me with Kylie.  It was wonderful to be able to baptize her.

Also you should watch this  It's a video of us doing a Tahitian Haka.  Should be fun haha.  Yeah maybe I'll consider a job at the PCC next summer;)
Well all in all things are going well here!  

Ok chutes then!  I Love and miss you all so much and hope you're doing well:)

Love, Elder Jared Brooksby