Monday, February 25, 2013


 It was great to hear from Jared this week.  He said that he was reminiscing about Boston with the Bishop and his wife in the area he's in now.  They had asked which temple he would attend when he's back home and he said the Boston temple was his assigned temple.  He also told them the motivation for going to the Boston temple was definately swayed by the Donut Dip - a fantastic donut place in Springfield, MA.

Jared said that the Makakilo apartment he was just moving into had just failed the apartment inspection.  He said it looked like it hadn't been cleaned in years!  He said the bathroom was horrendous and that he took that responsibility upon himself to clean it.  He said he spend $30 on cleaning supplies and that the four new Elders moving in spend most of their P-day cleaning.  But that when it was finally done it was awesome!  He said that before it was cleaned it didn't have the Spirit, but that now they were good.

Jared said that he and his companion gave the mission president some pretty ambitious goals for their week.  And that they got called four times to make sure they understood that they were going to be accountable for the numbers that they gave, both to him and the Lord.  He said they almost hit all their goals, and felt pretty good about that.

He also said there was a baptism Saturday and that he got to conduct the music for it.  He said the baptism went very well. 

This past Tuesday Jared had an interview with President and Sister Dalton.  He said that he LOVES interviews.  He also said that the assistants say that Sister Dalton loves him because he reminds her of President Dalton when he was younger.  He thought that was a huge compliment.


Monday, February 18, 2013


We got an email from Jared today - a little later than we expected. We were wondering if he couldn't find a place to email from because it was President's Day. But just when I'd resigned myself to the thought that I'd have to wait until tomorrow, or even the next week, an email came in.

 Jared sent a couple of pictures.

This is a picture of Kaena Point. Jared and his companion hiked it earlier in the day.  He said the weather was "AWESOME - Couldn't ask for a much better day:)"

Jared said he got an endangered Hawaiian monk seal 
to wake up and growl at him, and that is was awesome.

Jared said that things went really fast this week.  They had a trip to Honolulu where they had a lot of administrative things to do, and they also had a few good lessons and a good amount of tracting.

Jared said that his area Makakilo is geographically large with nine wards and three buildings, but one is under construction.  So there are 16 missionaries over here with an area that stretches from the edge of Ewa beach to Kaena point, and all the way up the hill.  He said he actually lives right across the main street from the Stake Center on Panana street.  So now you can look on Google maps and see where Jared is.

He said that they have a really good zone right now and that he's excited to be there.  He also said that he will be going to the temple on his birthday with a convert from earlier in his mission.  He thought that was a great gift.

He also told a funny story.  He said that two nights ago they got a call from the sisters who cover Makakilo and Palehuna wards.  He said they were hysterical on the phone and asked he and his companion to come over right away and that it was an emergency!  He said upon further clarification they indicated that it was an "avian emergency".  So he said they went to the sister's apartment and the sisters were laughing super hard at something.  So he and his companion walked up and they see a bird sitting on the sister's door and the sisters were too scared to even shoo it away.  So they had called Jared and his companion to rescue them.  So Jared walked up and found that the bird was asleep.  So he picked it up and started walking towards the sisters and they went ballistic - yelling at him and telling him to keep his distance.  So he let the bird go and they all went on with the rest of their nights.  He thought that was pretty funny experience.

It's always great to hear from him and we wish we'd been there to enjoy the hike and the AWESOME weather.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

We got an email from Jared.  He said that he's in the Makakilo Stake/ Kapolei Ward.  He said that it's been a busy week and that they've put a lot of miles on their car, done some service, taught a few lessons - the regular missionary stuff.

He said that he received the Valentine's Day package that I sent him.  He said:  "I got the Valentine's Day package (Single Awareness Day Package hahaha), thank you so much Mom!  Elder T. and I couldn't wait for Valentine's Day, sorry, we've opened it and devoured most of the candy already.  I'll make the cake and hope to eat it on Valentine's Day though, so that'll be awesome:)"

He said that he'll keep working hard until the end.  He said there's a lot to be done in the area/zone so it's a great way to keep from being "trunky".

It was a short email kinda day.  Hopefully the next email will be longer and have pictures.  A mom can hope, can't she?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Two Weeks in One Post

Here's the scoop - I just didn't update Jared's blog a week ago, and now I have an email from this week too.  So I'll do Monday, January 28th first and then write about this week.

Here are a couple pictures of Jared.  He said that they had a massive storm that "smacked the island" and that they got 2-3" of rain per hour.  He said he was more scared of that than he was of the tsunami warning back in October.  He said that he and his companion were thoroughly soaked so they spent the next hour or so just helping people in their apartment complex getting to and from their cars.  He said that even through all the rain it was still probably mid 70s outside.  He said he felt bad for us because I'd written telling him how cold it had been in New York.  He said:  " You might have been praying that your snow storms would come over my way, and maybe they did, they just couldn't handle the warm weather out here;) So I'm definitely not envious of you guys haha."

Jared said that transfers happen on February 6th and that he should know what is happening by sometime in the coming week and that we'd know for sure by the next p-day.

Jared told me a funny tracting story.  He said that they were tracting and they knocked on this "uncle's" door.  He said it was his companion's turn to give the door approach so he started it very nice and politely by asking the man if he was having a good day so far.  The man says:   "Well I was until you showed up on my porch!"  Jared said that he started to apologize to the man and asked him if they could offer a prayer for the man to have a good day, but the man says: "NO! Not you Mormons! You believe in having more than one wife!!!"  So Jared said they started to address that one and the man interrupts the and says:  "No, No, No, I know all about you guys, I read it in the magazine."  He said that his companion started to ask him about that and said:  "Well uncle" and the guy said:  "AND I'M NOT YOUR UNCLE!!!"  Jared said that his companion got a little salty and said:  "Well OK, SIR!"  Jared said he could tell that his companion was getting frustrated so he took him by the arm, told the guy to have a nice day and they walked away.  As they were leaving the guy said:  "Yeah that's right, get off my property!" and slammed the door.  Jared said he had a good laugh and thought the whole thing was hilarious.  But he said that his companion didn't share in his sense of humor.

He said that not too much happened that was exciting as far as missionary work in the week, but that it wasn't for lack of trying.

Now on to this past Monday's email - February 4th

This is a picture of a woman who wants Jared to baptize her.

This picture is of Elder B. and his bike which was super broke.  Jared said:  
"If you look both of his pedals are facing down hahaha, I was laughing sooo hard:)"

This picture is Jared with a poster that the Glenville ward YW sent him.  He was so happy to get it!

We learned that Jared will finish his mission as a Zone Leader in the Makakilo stake.  He will be with one the the missionaries from his transfer, Elder T.  Jared said that he's an awesome missionary so he's "stoked", and that he's hoping he's up to the responsibilities of being a Zone Leader.  He thinks he'll finish his mission there.  But he said it's good, and that they're not "letting me slack haha."

Jared said that one of the ladies he's been teaching said that she'd like Jared to come baptize her, even though he won't be in that area any more.  He said that is one advantage of still being on the same island.  He also said that one of his early converts is going through the temple on his birthday, and that he'll be able to go with her because she also lives on Oahu.  He's excited for that.

Jared ends by saying:  "Anyways, I hope you all have good weeks wherever you all are, and I love you all so much!  Muchos Mahalos and Aloha!!!  Elder Brooksby"