Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

We got an email from Jared.  He said that he's in the Makakilo Stake/ Kapolei Ward.  He said that it's been a busy week and that they've put a lot of miles on their car, done some service, taught a few lessons - the regular missionary stuff.

He said that he received the Valentine's Day package that I sent him.  He said:  "I got the Valentine's Day package (Single Awareness Day Package hahaha), thank you so much Mom!  Elder T. and I couldn't wait for Valentine's Day, sorry, we've opened it and devoured most of the candy already.  I'll make the cake and hope to eat it on Valentine's Day though, so that'll be awesome:)"

He said that he'll keep working hard until the end.  He said there's a lot to be done in the area/zone so it's a great way to keep from being "trunky".

It was a short email kinda day.  Hopefully the next email will be longer and have pictures.  A mom can hope, can't she?

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