Monday, February 25, 2013


 It was great to hear from Jared this week.  He said that he was reminiscing about Boston with the Bishop and his wife in the area he's in now.  They had asked which temple he would attend when he's back home and he said the Boston temple was his assigned temple.  He also told them the motivation for going to the Boston temple was definately swayed by the Donut Dip - a fantastic donut place in Springfield, MA.

Jared said that the Makakilo apartment he was just moving into had just failed the apartment inspection.  He said it looked like it hadn't been cleaned in years!  He said the bathroom was horrendous and that he took that responsibility upon himself to clean it.  He said he spend $30 on cleaning supplies and that the four new Elders moving in spend most of their P-day cleaning.  But that when it was finally done it was awesome!  He said that before it was cleaned it didn't have the Spirit, but that now they were good.

Jared said that he and his companion gave the mission president some pretty ambitious goals for their week.  And that they got called four times to make sure they understood that they were going to be accountable for the numbers that they gave, both to him and the Lord.  He said they almost hit all their goals, and felt pretty good about that.

He also said there was a baptism Saturday and that he got to conduct the music for it.  He said the baptism went very well. 

This past Tuesday Jared had an interview with President and Sister Dalton.  He said that he LOVES interviews.  He also said that the assistants say that Sister Dalton loves him because he reminds her of President Dalton when he was younger.  He thought that was a huge compliment.


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