Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I Love to See the Temple

The big news from Jared's letter this week was that he met Brighton's (our DIL) grandmother Sister Fielding on Sunday night.  He said she's awesome.  She just entered the mission field.  He said that she's not going to be in his zone, but right next door.  And that he'd have to keep tabs on her.  He said they didn't have a long time to catch up because he was very busy that night, but that hopefully he'd get to talk to her again soon.

Jared said that Monday was a regular old proselyting day because Tuesday was their temple day.  They got up early and went to the 8 o'clock session.  He said they had to leave at 5:30am to get there in time and he felt like he was in seminary again.  He said the temple was great, as always.  He also said that he'd get to go to the temple again on Friday with a member who he baptized earlier in his mission.

Jared gave a little run down of his week:  "Well nothing really new this week... we spent some time resolving some conflicts with some elders.  It's kinda interesting to see my mission come full circle.  I remember having these ZL sit-downs when I had been out for 3 months.  And now I'm in the ZL shoes.  It's just interesting.  Other things we've done include getting yelled at by random members (I'm sure we've all heard the "every member a missionary" but sometimes I think it's "every member a mission president"), having numerous conference calls with President and the other leaders, making sure some baptisms happen in other areas, driving around like crazy, giving blessings, typing reports, accounting with the stake, going on splits, and even teaching a little!  I swear it's never been so hard just to do missionary work in my own area, my time is just eaten up by so many other things.  But somehow it all works out, so in the end it's ok."

Jared said that he told the sister in the office he wanted to fly into Albany.  He said it was weird to know that the end is coming.  He said that in his mission they have a huge transfer board in the assistant's office with all of the missionary's pictures and information on it.  When you have 3 transfers left you get a green dot sticker on your picture, a yellow one at two transfers, and a red one when you are in your last transfer.  He said right now he has a yellow dot!

It's always great to hear how Jared's doing!


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