Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Zone Leader Conference

It's been a crazy week for Jared.  He said that Monday was a calm before the storm and that he didn't do anything too exciting.

On Tuesday he spent the day in the apartment while his companion cleaned up and packed all of his stuff because he was being transferred.  Jared is staying where he is and will finish his mission here.  He said that they also got to play basketball with the ward and that he had a lot of fun doing that.

On Wedensday he had transfers, which are always exciting.  Jared said he's with Elder Aaron Ormiston from Tempe Arizona.  He said that he's a super humble kid, and a very hard worker and that being with him for just these few days has been a blast.

It sounded like Thursday was errand day.  Jared said that some people had packages com into the office that couldn't be shipped directly to them, so he and his companion had to go get them and deliver them.  He said they drove from Makakilo to Honolulu, then back to Makaha.  Then back to Makakilo.  Then the mission sent them something that had to be given to the District leaders to they proceeded to drive from Makakilo to Waianae and then FINALLY back to Makakilo.  When they got there they were pretty much exhausted.  He said they'd driven 103 miles on an island whose rough circumference is 110 miles.  So they'd almost driven around the whole island.  He said they spent what was left of the night preparing for District meeting the next day.

Jared said that they had a great District meeting, and afterwards got to do some work in their area.  He said that he's never felt so busy in his whole life.  But that it's all good and he's loving serving the Lord.

Here are a couple of pictures Jared sent us.

 Elder T., Sister S., and Elder Brooksby
at the Zone Leader Conference

Zone Leader Conference

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