Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter

Howzit Everyone!  Happy Easter:)

It sounds like everything was good over the past weekend, although it might've gone down a little when Dad totaled the Van... that's a pretty big bummer, but I guess Lauren has all the info on that so if you have questions then just ask her...  Anyways, on to other things on my end.

Hey Dad could you check the tracking info on my license again, Sister Smiley said that she got an envelope for me and shipped it out of the office to my address but I still haven't gotten it yet.  I'm going pretty stir crazy without that thing...

Mom, I waited till easter to open my package and everything was trounced on the inside!  All the boxes had glue on them so I knew they were like last year in their box design, but all the candy was out of the packages and had gotten a little Hawaiianized... but thanks for the thought Mom!

April fools.  

I got my license earlier this week.  I'm pretty sure angels sang when I opened that package (you all know how much I like to drive haha)  and I got the Easter package the box was intact and the candy has been delicious:)  Thanks for everything Mom, and Dad!  Was that a rude trick to do?

Well My Easter was OK (all joking aside now).  It was a really spiritual meeting in church, two missionary farewell talks and then sacrament, then gospel doctrine.  We talked about scriptures in modern revelation referring to the resurrection   Then because it was 5th sunday we had a combined meeting where we watched Finding Faith in Christ.  I think that was my favorite time ever watching that movie.  Then the Bishop got up and was talking about the atonement and missionary work and I started to get emotional.  Then he started getting emotional about his two sons on missions and his daughter who leaves for hers today and how he could literally feel their love for the Savior on Easter, and I almost lost it.  I just got thinking about you all and how much I missed you guys, but how much I love the mission and how long I've been out.  It was just a weird mix of emotions that just totally overcame me.  It would've been the first time I had flat out cried in public in a long time.  It was a pretty close call.  Luckily I carry a handkerchief so that kinda helped the situation a bit.  So a great day of church, and then we airballed in missionary work.  It was so frustrating. 

 Nothing productive happened from the hours of 3:00 to 8:30pm. We tried to see people but they we dodging us, or just weren't receptive in general.  Mom said that she loved proselyting on Easter cause the people were more receptive... but that just wasn't the case in Kapolei.  People are more interested in their riotous living to be concerned with the Savior I guess.  Oh and did I tell you that we got dropped by our last investigator last week?  So yeah now we've got zip.  Soooo.... pray for member referrals?  Haha that'd be amazing.

Well I think that's about it!  I Love you all, thanks for all your love, support and prayers, I feel them all the time:)
Ofa Lahi Atu, and Mahalo Nui Loa,

Elder Brooksby  

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