Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Aloha from Molokai!

I arrived here in Hawaii early Tuesday afternoon (June 28th) and went straight to Pres. Dalton's place and we got to know everyone a little better. Then we ate some food, had a short meeting and then zonked out early for the night. I was exhausted! That night I also found out that I would be serving in the Kaunakakai area of the Maui Zone on the Island called Molokai. I'm one of 4 Missionaries on the entire island!!! I slept untill 6am when we all got ready, and went to the Tabernacle on Oahu and spent a few hours there. I was the last missionary to leave there and flew out to Molokai by myself at 4:00pm on the 29th.

I still hadn't met my companion yet, but he wasn't that hard to spot because as soon as I stepped off theplane I saw 3 guys in missionary attire so I figured I was in the right place. My companion (Elder Taylor) and I live on the bottom floor of a member's house with the only other missionaries on the island - Elders Maybon and Hankes. Elder Taylor is a great guy and he's very spiritual and motivated to do the work here. He takes very good care of me.

The people here are outrageously kind and loving! I met some people and they treat me as if I was there long lost son or something like that. People here just have the mentality that, it doesn't matter if we dont have the means to do it, we'll do it for you. In fact I've only been here for one week (ish) and someone has already bought my groceries! It's insane! I've really grown to love the people here already!

So, there are two markets here on Molokai and no big chains except for the gas stations. Stuff is veeeeery expensive here, gas is $4.90 a gallon, peanut butter is $7 a jar, milk is $10 a gallon and ice cream is $20 a half gallon. So I feel very blessed that someone already bought groceries for me. We have a chicken coop in our back yard so we get eggs a lot which is convenient. Oh by the way, the average missionary gains 40lbs over the two years here... I'm working hard to not be the average missionary.

Also there are centipedes, big spiders, rats and mice rampant and oh yeah scorpions here.

Oh also we went on a killer hike yesterday that took roughly 3 and a half hours to complete, up a huge mountain and through some seriously thick jungle until we reached the best view I have ever seen in my life! It looked like a scene straight out of King Kong! Oh and one wrong step off of where we took pictures and we would've died for sure. Don't worry, I was safe and I'm sending photos!

Aloha and Mahalo nui loa!

Elder Brooksby


  1. 10 bucks for milk?? He might as well use his allowance to buy a cow, then after his mission he can pull a Mahana and get a wife too :) Glad to hear that he's doing good!

  2. You had to know he would love the Hawaiian people because they just hug the stuffings out of total strangers as if they've known you forever! It's no wonder the pineapple is the symbol of welcome! He sounds like he's doing great. He just needs to stay away from having rice and gravy with bread, along with the main course, 3 meals a day and he can avoid some of that poundage! :-)