Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Funny Coincidence

It seems that we get e-mail from Jared about 10:00pm on Monday nights. At least that's the way it's been the last couple of weeks. So I kept checking Monday night and sure enough just after 10pm we got his e-mail.

Jared said that he's been grateful for the advice he's received about about emotions and P-day and all that jazz and that he's already gone through some "curves on this emotional Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride called a Mission".

He said that once again they went on a hike on P-day, but that this hike was to a waterfall. He said that it was a very pretty hike and much easier hike than the previous two hikes, but that it was not as scenic. Also that the views at the waterfall were "pretty sweet!" Jared said that of course they didn't swim, but that he did fall and got hurt climbing some slippery rocks. They went on the hike with the family that they live with. The family has a rather large house with two levels and the top belongs to the family, and the bottom is where the four missionaries live. The family is the Nakayama family and Jared thinks they are amazing, and that they are the nicest people and that they make sure the missionaries are taken care of.

We had gotten a message from a former member of our ward, Vance Yoshikawa who said that he had an Elder Akaka from Molokai serving in his ward. When I told Jared about that he thought it was amazing how ridiculously small the world is in the church. And that for him at least it always seems to connect with Colorado in some way. He said that they even drive a Chevy Colorado truck.

Jared said that Bishop Akaka is actually the bishop for the ward right next to him in Hoolehua. Jared said that he serves in Kaunakakai. But he said that Bishop Akaka is super nice to he and his companion, and that he is always checking up with them to make sure they're doing OK even though they aren't in his ward. He said that knowing the kind of man Bishop Akaka is he can only imagine that his son is an amazing missionary in Colorado.

Jared said that missionary work for he and his companion in Kaunakakai is a little slow and that their teaching pool is pretty slim right now. But he also said that he and they are working really hard and doing everything they can to be good missionaries. His companion, Elder Zachary Taylor is from Joseph City, Arizona. They get along great and Elder Taylor is very hard working and has been an excellent trainer so far! Elder Taylor has been out for nearly 10 months.

Jared said that he had a funny coincidence the other day. He said he spoke to Sister Fielding - his brother's fiance's sister who is also serving in the Honolulu, Hawaii mission. She had called their phone by mistake, but when she heard him answer "Hello this is Elder Brooksby" something triggered in her mind that this was her sister's fiance's brother. They chatted a bit about the upcoming wedding. Sister Fielding will be home for the wedding, but obviously Jared won't be. He said that that was a bit of a bummer.

We'll be sure to send him lots of pictures of the wedding so he won't feel so left out.

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  1. Sounds as if he's settling in and getting to know his environment. I didn't get a letter off to him yet. Took everything with me to Girl's Camp but was too exhausted to even hold a pen by the time I went to bed at night. This weekend for sure. No more industrial cooking for a whole year!