Sunday, August 7, 2011

You know you have a missionary in Hawaii when...

You know you have a missionary in Hawaii when you get this in the mail.

Yesterday, Lauren and I went to the mailbox to get the mail and found this stuffed in it. I can only imagine what the postman must have thought. It was such a unique piece of mail that I decided it deserved animation. I was surprised it ever got through! It appears that to pay the postage, Jared bought one of every kind of stamp they had. (click on the picture and you can spin it around yourself.) If you can't read the message, it says, "Hello Family! I love you and miss you tons! So Have a coconut! Mahalo nui loa & much Aloha, Love Elder Brooksby". It's going to be hard to think of something to mail him back that can top this. Suggestions?


  1. Ahhh too funny! If I think of something good to send him back, I'll let you know : )

  2. Nope, nothing will top that! But, you can send him an envelope full of fall leaves to share when the time comes. The islanders have never seen anything like that if they haven't been to the mainland!


  3. Give him a taste of home send him a New York Cheesecake from his favorite New York restaurant.