Wednesday, August 10, 2011


First of all we got an e-mail from a sister who lives on Molokai. She sent this picture of Elder Brooksby and Elder Taylor. It was taken the day before transfers. Elder Taylor ended up being transferred, and Elder Brooksby is staying on Molokai.

The sweet sister said: "We are in the Hoolehua Ward here on the island of Molokai Hawaii. Your Elder serves in the Kaunakakai Ward but we've come to know and love him very much. Thought you might like to see how happy he looks. He's doing a wonderful job here and all the members just love him. Thank you for sharing him with us."

What a treat for us as parents to hear something like that.

We also got an e-mail from Jared on Monday. He said that he'd gotten the package I'd sent him. He left without any/many pictures from home so I made him a little flip book with pictures of family so he could remember us.

While I was in Utah the "Post-a-Nut" came and Glen put it on the blog. What I didn't know is that it is only something you can do on Molokai. You can't mail a coconut from any of the other islands. Jared said he figured that he should do it before transfers in case he got transferred. But we all know that he didn't get transferred.

He said that he was glad that he didn't transferred because they are finally making some progression in the work there. He didn't know where Elder Taylor was going, but knew that he was going to be a Zone Leader. He felt lucky to be trained by such a very good missionary. But he is nervous to take over the area of East Molokai with a companion who doesn't know the area - and after only being there one transfer. He said that there could be four baptisms within this next transfer and that the work is progressing well.

Jared ended his e-mail by saying: "Well have no fear, I am safe here in Molokai and the Lord is providing for my needs! I love it here and am excited for another transfer here haha!"

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