Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The latest from Molokai

We got an e-mail from Jared today. He said that things are going very well on Molokai. He said that he had a sister come up to him and ask him if he'd been watching the news - then she remembered that he couldn't watch the news so she asked if he was worried about his family. Jared said that of course he was worried because all he'd been hearing were whispers about a magnitude 5.9 earthquake and Hurricane Irene being a category 2 hurricane that was supposed to make landfall in NYC. So this kind sister took a picture of Jared then and there and sent it to us telling us that Jared was worried about us. So as soon as we got her message we were able to tell her that we were OK, and then we were able to send an e-mail to Jared letting him know what was going on at home. I am so grateful for the kindness of the members, their watchful care over Jared, and their compassion knowing that he would be worried about his family. As it turns out his worries were justified. Our stake has a ward that has been completely flooded out. The people there have lost everything. We were fortunate in that we only lost power for a few days, and friends were able to save the food we had in the freezer.

Jared asked us to give his best to Brett and Brighton, who are getting married this Friday. Then he gave them this advise: "Remember though that you are two different people who will soon be living under the same roof so this is all the advice that I can give to the two of you. Firstly: De Gustibus Non Est Disputandem (one must not dispute about tastes -thanks Dad!). Something tells me that Dad told us that many MANY times for a reason haha probably because it's true:) And Secondly in an evermore tumultuous world most-times the only place we can look for reprieve is our home. THAT is why a home has to be founded on the Gospel, like ours was. So when the Home relies on God, remember: Ein Feste Burg Ist Unser Gott (A Mighty Fortress is Our God). He can protect us from the shafts in the whirlwinds so rely on him at all times!
But that's all I've got for you as far as advice, you know, seeing as how I've never been married and all haha. But hopefully you'll remember it!"

Jared said that the work on Molokai is going well, and that he was able to have the baptism they'd scheduled for the 25th. It was the first time Jared has baptized anyone.

It's always good to hear from Jared. We'll miss him at the wedding this Friday!

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