Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Where's the Rain?

We got an e-mail from Jared yesterday. In it he said: "I WISH IT WAS RAINING HERE AS WELL!!!!! I want a HUGE downpour right now haha. It's been 90 degrees and sunny for going on 3 weeks now and I'm sooooooo SO through baking and burning like... well... like a really white kid on an island for two years haha:) But like I was saying the monotony in the weather over here is making me miss New York's slightly (or entirely, let's be fair haha) unpredictable weather and I really miss the rain a lot. You'd think it'd rain more in the Tropics... huh."

I thought that was funny because you think that fabulous weather 24/7 would be great, but I guess variety is nice too.

Jared said that things on Molokai are going well. He admitted that he hadn't really believed us when we told him that a mission is hard. But now that he's been out roughly 3 months he agrees that a mission is "100% indubitably, absolutely, positively, HARD" but so worth it.

He said that taking over the area has been both a struggle and a blessing. He said that he feels like he knows his way around the area like the back of his hand, and that the hard work is paying off big time. He said they are hoping to have a baptism on August 25th. And he went on to say that it is truly amazing to see someone change and learn to make and keep commitments. He is excited to see the gospel turn their investigator's life around.

He said that he is learning new things about himself and the scriptures every day. He said he even learned new things about prayer, even though is was something he'd been taught since he was in Primary and had heard in the words to the song "A Child's Prayer". It's funny how you can have an experience that really brings things you have heard all your life to a new level of understanding. He said it's crazy what immersing himself in the gospel has done for him and he encouraged all of us to immerse ourselves in the scriptures.

Jared said his new companion is Elder Spencer Davis from Las Vegas, Nevada. He said that he is an awesome missionary who likes to work hard. They had 4 investigators that came to church this last Sunday, which he was really happy about.

He ended his e-mail by saying that he is alive and well and trying to watch what he eats, but that's it's a losing battle. I have heard that the Hawaiians feed the missionaries very well. So I guess that's a peril of being a missionary in Hawaii. But look at all the benefits!

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