Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hello from Molokai

We got an e-mail from Jared late Monday evening. He said that it's been a little depressing this past week because he'd think "Oh I bet Brett is going into the Temple right now!" "Oh I bet Brett is actually married now!" "Oh I bet the reception is awesome!" "Oh I guess the reception in New York is happening right now, and everybody that I know is going to be there!"

He said that he just couldn't dwell on it, and that he knew he was where he was supposed to be, and that he couldn't possibly expect life to press pause for him while he is gone.

Jared said that they have a couple who "already have a few keikis together (it means kids by the way pronounced cakies)." that have committed to be married and then baptized which is has made him really happy. He also said that they have some other people committed to baptism as well. He said the work is going well and he and his companion are working hard together.

Jared ended his letter by saying: "I guess in closing I ask that everyone remember how important family is with 9/11 a day ago and remember the things that truly matter in life and remember that you'll have to forgive someone pretty much everyday, so start practicing anticipatory forgiveness:)"

He asked that we give his best to those who are struggling with the weather right now, and who have lost so much.

I could tell by his letter that he misses friends and family right now. So if you've thought of writing a letter to Jared, but haven't quite done it yet - now would be a good time to do it.

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