Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year

Surprise! I'm e-mailing today because everybody observed New Year's Day yesterday. Just in case you were stressing about not getting an e-mail haha.

P.S. We have an Investigator who calls me Elder Puipui because he speaks in Samoan a lot and I guess that's as close as it gets to Brooksby haha.

Hey Hey Hey everybody! No that wasn't a Fat Albert reference, although it might've sounded like it haha.

Speaking of Fat Albert... I've been eating waaaay too much lately. I really hate it a lot. When I come home, I'm going on a very intense diet.

Well in other news... New Years came and went without much excitement really haha. The missionaries weren't allowed to proselyte and so we all just got together at a beach park and grilled up some food, then after that we watched a very interesting movie about the geography in which the Book of Mormon takes place called Journey of Faith: The New World. It was pretty interesting and definitely piqued my curiosity, considering I've always been into those kind of historical/nature shows and since it was like that about the Book of Mormon it was even better haha.

I bought Martinelli's and drank some with the other elders (and sisters) in our zone when midnight came and we all went outside to see the show. I say the show because in Hawaii, fireworks are not illegal. So we could literally face any direction and get our own personal fireworks show. It was pretty fun, but I have to say, any time I think of fireworks I realized I've been very spoiled because nothing will ever live up to the show that the Army base at West Point put on for the Fourth of July or the one that GE did that was synced to music. So now that I think about it, the fireworks of last night were wimpy in comparison but fun for the mission.

It was also interesting to think about how this will be the only year in my life (so far) that I can say for the entirety of 2012 I am consecrated up to the Lord for his purposes and nothing else. Just a fun thing to think about haha. But so yeah that was my New Years. We couldn't proselyte New Years eve past 5pm or New Years Day all day so needless to say, I was starting to feel like a lazy sack haha. But now it's back to doing Missionary work 24/7!

It was good to hear about the New Years Traditions that are still holding strong back home! Of course, nobody can ever freestyle bowl like me, I'm pretty much pro already haha;)

No unfortunately it was not me who had the run in with Elder Groberg's Companion's Son (a long chain. Kinda like "Luke, I am your step-mother's cousin's boyfriend's father's former roommate." "So what does that make us?" "Absolutely Nothing.") Although I suppose it would've been pretty cool. Speaking of the "Other Side of Heaven" if you want to see the kind of food I ate on Christmas at the Tongan House, just look at the food in the movie. Their food has remained remarkably constant throughout the ages haha. The Temple was amazing as always. I'm pretty bummed that we cant go more often but that just means that I enjoy it more when time comes around again.

Anyways, not much else is new here either! I love you all and thanks for all of your Love, Support and Aloha!


Elder Puipui haha:)

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