Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Trip to the Temple

Well today we went to the temple which was great.  I really needed a chance to relax and feel the Spirit and the temple is the perfect place to do it (of course).  We'll have to do some family temple trips when I get back. 

In other news, Saturday I also got to blow off some steam (whether it was constructive or destructive is really a matter of "point-of-view") cause Elder Moore and I went to brand cattle with a less active member...  that was the most interesting/exciting/fun thing I've done in quite some time haha.  I don't know there was just something about roping a calf, tackling it to the ground and holding it there while one of the older guys would castrate them and brand them and give them an de-worming shot.  It was quite the experience.

Things have been going OK I guess.  Still no improvement on any of the situations with investigators, but I did send a letter to a previous investigator and got a letter back from her where she said that she wasn't going to give up because it was something that she knew was true.  She's still meeting with the missionaries on Hilo side so at least I've got that going for me. 

Thanks for the quotes and talks, it helped a lot, especially when you quoted D&C 64 because I had been studying that scripture earlier so when I got your email it helped.  It makes me feel like me and my parents are on the same page through the Spirit or something haha.  Or maybe we just know where to look, but I'll take the first thought.   I can only do that which I can do.  I'll leave the rest up to the Lord.

I love you all soo much, thanks for all your encouragement over the past 5 months.  Your letters and words of advice mean a lot to me.

Mahalo nui loa and stay on the Keala Ke Kua;)
Elder Brooksby

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