Monday, August 13, 2012


Well instead of the good news we've been praying for (and I've been fasting for), you get this news.  

One of our investigators got cold feet because he felt like he wasn't as ready as he thought and so the family is "taking a little break from things".  They didn't come to church and we don't have another lesson scheduled till much later this week.  Which stinks because his daughter is ready for baptism (she's 9 and excited about it) but we won't do anything until we can baptize them together.  

THEN our other investigator spoke to her mom (the woman that I worked REALLY HARD to get a good relationship with)  about being baptized and her Mom EXPLODED.  She was furious that she'd even ask after meeting with the missionaries for only 3 months, and I guess she was salty for days.  Which in turn got our investigator frustrated.  She still wants to be baptized but now it might not happen until Christmas because that's when she'll be back home from college.  It CRUSHED me. This was the ONE THING that I wanted to have happen in this area and I really worked for it and here we are.  

Transfers are a week from now, and I'm getting the feeling like I'm going to be transferred (partly because the Zone Leaders are asking me questions like "Elder Brooksby, if you do leave, who do you think could replace you?") which is plausible because I've never stayed in an area for more than 4.5 months and this transfer that'll be up.  Which is another thing that stinks because I feel like for once my specific personality is being utilized for something and now I'll probably be transferred. 

Oh and Back to School shopping?  I guess it doesn't take me by surprise that much because school has been "in" her in Hawaii since two weeks ago. But I know how much fun that can be and I miss it!  Haha;)

As for the Olympics...  let's just say I'm pretty miffed about missing them.  But at least it's not the World Cup.  I'd HATE to miss that.

Other than that it sounds like a pretty usual busy week for you guys, and I'm about out of time here so I guess that'll have to be all for today.  

I love you guys and if you would just keep those same people in your prayers this week too and we'll see how it ends.

Mahalo nui Loa, Elder Brooksby

Here's a photo from a ward camp out.

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