Monday, October 31, 2011


Hello Hello everybody!

Hey, I'll start by thanking everybody for their letters of support. They were much needed and much appreciated! You can all expect letters back sometime in the near future:) Thanks sooooo much!

Also I have some exciting news... I'm going to have a boy!
President assigned me to be a trainer this upcoming transfer! And because of the new training program, I will be training my new boy (when you train an elder you call him your son, and when he trains an elder you have a grandson, etc.) for the next two transfers! Super exciting! And a lot of responsibility but the Lord and President Dalton know that I'm up for it so I'll take their word for it and just keep doing my best.

I really wish I had more to tell you about this week. I am being good, working hard and finding the fun as much as I possibly can:)

Life is Good! Take it easy! Love,

Elder Brooksby

Jared also sent us some awesome pictures from when he went to the Laie LDS Temple in the first part of October. It's fun to see him.


  1. The refurbished front of the temple looks great and Jared looks happy! Wonderful that he's a trainer already!


  2. What is his new address?!

  3. He's asked us to just send all his mail to the mission home. They just forward it on to him. Just be sure to use USPS and not UPS, FedEx or DHL, etc. He'd get socked with big forwarding fees from those outfits. The address is on the right-hand side on his blog here, just under the flag.