Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Temple

Hello Hello Hello! Howzit?

Everything is fine here. The weather has been overbearingly WET. But not much you can do about that I suppose. I busted out the rain jacket and I have used it frequently in combination with my umbrella so they've been getting a good workout lately. So yeah other than a few flash floods that kept us from leaving our house things have been fine. Just wet.

Yeah I took a few photos with Elder R. but I don't have my cord today so I'll have to send the photos on next Monday.

Anywho I guess a little belated b-day present to myself was we got to go to the Temple today which of course explains why I didn't email you yesterday, because our p-day was today! The Temple is always the best I look forward greatly to going through the temple with you guys again in a year and change:)

That's so sad to hear about Sister J. and I'll definitely write Elder J. and send my condolences to him. There's been a lot of drama lately in the Empire State I'm glad to hear that everything for the most part is good and that no trees have fallen on our house haha.

Well I love you all and there's not much new in my life. Just missionary work as usual. Sister Dalton (his Mission President's wife) called me on my birthday and said "Well you should go and do something nice for yourself and tell your companion you can cause it's your birthday!" Then I said well I guess I'll just do missionary work and call it good haha.

Thanks for all your prayers, I guess keep me in your prayers cause it's been kinda hard lately. Just another growing experience:)

Love you all soooo much and look forward to talking to you in about two months:)

Love Elder Brooksby

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