Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Transferred to Kona

Hello Hello everybody! Howzit?

Anywho catching up on two weeks is never fun. Well I'll start at the top and work my way through I guess! A weekend before transfers I got a call from President, he released me as District Leader and gave me another assignment in Kona.  So I bid my adieus to Elder C. and transferred to Kealakekua, Kona, Big Island (also known as Hawaii), Hawaii. I am now with Elder A. and he's super cool!

I'm excited to be here in Kona, and I'm sorry I didn't email last week, there was a lot of junk going on. It shouldn't happen again. You guys should be getting a package in the mail full of books of mine and letters, it's getting too heavy to carry around and with the 50lbs limit for go'in off island it makes it tough, so sorry.  There's not much exciting in there, but you can thumb through it I guess haha. Well this computer is being dumb, so I'll send this and then go to a different one to send some pictures.

But it now brings us to where I am now.  LOVING life in Kona.  It's country here which I LOVE and my companion is very chill. 
The area is great, the people are awesome, but the work is much slower here than in Lulu, but I'll just have to speed it up a little bit haha:)
It was REALLY hard to say goodbye to the people in the Makiki ward.  I really loved that place a lot.  I'm sure you all had those areas in your mission that you got really attached to and Makiki is one of those places for me.  It was nice in a way because I knew I was leaving before everybody else in the mission knew what transfers were going to be, so normally you'd find out on Sunday night, where you were going but I found out Friday night.  So in ward council Bishop asked if one of us could give a "missionary moment" in sacrament meeting.  Elder C. doesn't like speaking so I volunteered (which is funny because that made 3 weeks in a row that I'd spoken in Sacrament) and so a lot of people in the ward already knew that I was leaving (because I had told a couple of them and word spreads fast haha) so when I spoke it was pretty much giving my "dying testimony" to the ward. I cried and so did a bunch of other people.  Saying goodbye to everyone was REALLY hard.  It was tough to do a clean break.  I guess that's why they do transfers.

I love you all soooo much and miss you a lot.  Thank you for keeping me in your prayers!
Eleta Puipui

Me and Stephanie, the recent convert!  She's the best haha.

The Johnsons, Stephanie, Elder C. and I.  This was my "last supper" in Makiki haha.

Me cruiz'in on my last p-day on the rock.  Our whole zone went to a member's home right on the beach with a huge backyard (no sand don't worry) and we played rugby, volleyball and grilled up burgers and brats.  It was superb and a great way to end a transfer.

   One of my favorite pics ever, the two whitest kids ever who both served in Tongan wards and love Tongans, with two full Tongan Elders.  And they both love cruiz'in with us cause of our love of the Tongan people.  From bottom to top: Elder W. (they give him a Tongan name because they love him, Eleta Viliami) Elder S., Elder L., and me, Eleta Puipui:)

Me and the Failings, I call them Auntie and Uncle Failings because they're like family:)

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