Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May Day!

Hello Everyone,

My companion is Elder A. and he is from Orem Utah, and he's good.  We already have pictures together.  We get along well, I was his District Leader three transfers ago:)  

I sent you one of the only pictures I had with Elder C. last week. Sorry that I didn't get one of just he and I.

Puipui is the way some of the Tongans said Brooksby.  Eleta Puipui is Elder Brooksby.  Funny yeah?

Hey sorry for a multi-plethora of reasons, I don't have long left in my time on the computer but I'll make up for it on the Mother's Day phone call I swear.

I took a bunch of videos, but they're all over 25MB so I'll have to send them on an SD card in the mail or something like that  but they're all of Kona and they're really cool so look forward to that!

Sorry again it's so short, but I'll call you 2pm on Sunday:)

Love you all soooo much!

Elder Brooksby

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