Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One More Week...

Hello Hello everybody!
Yup! One more week.  I was getting too excited last week and I thought that the 6th was Mother's Day... it took me till Wednesday last week to figure out that I was wrong...  But really now, only one more week till I get to call home.  For the second of four phone calls home.  That fourth one is going to be weird. 
Sooo it sounds like another busy week for you guys, I would really like to see the Arnold Arboretum again, that was a fun place and full of beautiful flowers too haha.
My testimony is doing great.  I can tell that I need to be doing a little bit better in my studies but they're doing pretty well.  To make the Old Testament a little more exciting, I've been reading W. Cleon Skousen's books (So far I'm through with the "First Two Thousand Years, which covers from Adam to Moses, [talk about deep doctrine!] and the "Third Thousand Years"  which covers Joshua to Saul, and Now [yup you guessed it] I'm in the "Fourth Thousand Years"  Which covers from David to Christ.).  They're each about 700 pages so I'm pleasantly surprised at how fast I'm burning through them.  So after I'm through with this last one I'll finish reading the Old Testament and then it'll be onto the New Testament, which will be a lot more exciting.  
And yes Dad, there is a lot of good to be had in Romans.  I like the one that says "And not only thus, but we glory in tribulation, knowing that tribulation worketh patience and patience, experience and experience, hope."  I think it goes like that...  Romans 5?  
Anyways, I'm excited to get out of the Old Testament, but I think after this book, I'm going to take a break and read this thing that we have called the Atonement Packet (a packet filled with talks of the atonement by apostles and prophets.)
The work and my companion are good, and I'm making the most of the time I have here.
Well my time is just about up here, so I've gotta get going.  
Love you all SOOOOOOO MUCH, and can't wait to call home:)
Take it easy!  Elder Brooksby

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