Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mission Tour

Howzit ohana?  Sounds like you guys have been having fun!

There's been pretty little happening here in Kealakekua... like at all.  I guess the only big thing that happened was mission tour which happened last Tuesday and so we got to hear from Elder Larry Wilson of the Second Quorum of the Seventy for the better part of 6 hours.  It was pretty intense, but he was the nicest guy, and he really knew his stuff about the gospel.  
And his wife spoke for a little while and she was talking about the meaning of "Christ" or anointed one and his authority.  And I felt awesome because since I've been studying the Old Testament I knew a lot of what she was talking about!  And since she was talking a lot about examples of the Lord's anointed falling into temptation, or abusing their authority I knew all the examples she was talking about from the old testament like Saul, David, Samson, Gehazi, Balaam etc etc. 
So that was great.  I recorded the whole conference on my recorder so somehow I'll have to get it to you guys so you can listen as well.  
The ward is good here haha.  The people are great.  

I think I told you all that in my last area an Investigator that I'd been working with got baptized a couple weeks ago... actually the week that I left she got baptized, so I'm way excited for her:)

But I hope all is well with you guys at home, I miss you all so much and I actually had a really trunky dream last night about it haha, I dreamt I was home and I was on the phone with one of my friends asking me when I was going to come over and hang out and then I went downstairs into my box in the basement and got my iPod out, got into the car and started listening to music, headed towards her house, and then I woke up haha.  Funny how mission dreams are sometimes, no matter how hard you focus on the work, somehow or another those thoughts of home never ever leave.
Well I love you guys all more than I can express properly in email haha, but be sure to Take it Easy!

Love, Eleta Puipui:)
 My comp got DESTROYED by a wave.
 Cool Wave pictures
 This is my companion.
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(Wikipedia says:   The shaka sign is a common greeting gesture. It is often associated with Hawaii and Southend. It consists of extending the thumb and smallest finger while keeping the three middle fingers curled, and raising the hand as in salutation with the back of the hand facing the person that is being greeted; sometimes the hand is rotated back and forth to emphasize the sign.
The "shaka sign" has its roots in the Hawaiian custom of holding a lei (a necklace made of flowers) for the purpose of placement over the head on the shoulders of another in an Aloha greeting. The three middle fingers grasp the lei from over the top while the thumb and small finger rest under the lei thus spreading the 'necklace' open.)
Sometimes members feed us a LOT.  That was our dessert... after a huge meal.

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