Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Well things are going well.  It just took some time to get back into the swing of things.  You know what they say, the greater the anticipation the greater the let-down right?  So now I'm on the rebound, and we had a pretty good week.  No baptisms, but a good week all the same. 

We had President interviews the other day, which went well.  I always love interviewing with President Dalton, some missionaries don't like them as much, but my idea is that if you've got nothing to hide from him, then you can have a great interview and leave it more motivated to work. 

Then something weird happened... Sister Dalton talked to me about making sure I had all of my school stuff in line.  WOW.  That was unexpected...  I guess the enrollment for classes is coming up but that was a weird conversation to have.  It makes me feel like I've been out for a long time.  She gave me permission to go onto my BYU profile anytime to make sure I was up on what is going on with my standing and everything like that, so today for a couple minutes I just cruised through my profile again and just re-familiarized myself with everything. THAT was weird... the next step is actually choosing classes that I'm going to take.

Anyways I think that's all that's gone on this week.  Just a lot of work.  Having two areas is nuts haha.

Well I love you all and thanks so much for all the support:)

Love you all!  Elder Brooksby 

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