Monday, September 24, 2012


It's weird to think that it's September... and that September is almost over already!  I'm starting to really miss the seasons... perpetual summer... it's not that fantastic.  Sometimes you're just too hot. Oh well, no point griping about it now haha.

I'm sorry but yet again, not much interesting has happened this week.  It's kinda like a lull in my mission right now, we're trying hard and doing everything right (I hope...)  but still nothing huge happens.  

I guess two kinda exciting things happened, one was that we contacted a referral that we got in the mail we went to his house and first thing we see is a huge gate, slightly open, but an equally formidable Rottweiler standing guard behind it.  Not wanting to put ourselves any closer to the dog than necessary we do the local thing (you call out "Hui!"  kinda like hoowee, but in your falsetto) and a kid comes to the window.  I start off "Hey we're looking for Mark is he around?"  The kid looks at me funny and says, "No there's no Mark around here... sorry" and he starts to go away, and my companion nudges me, "The name of the referral was Wayne, not Mark."  So quickly before he heads away I call out "Actually we're looking for Wayne, do you know Wayne?"  The kid comes out and asks if we are Mormons, we told him we are, joked about calling him the wrong name, taught him a lesson and set up a new appointment with him.  So we got a new investigator, which is nice.

Then we had dinner at a family who I had never formally met, which is weird since I've been in this ward for 6 months haha.  We had an awesome dinner and they were a really cool family, all converts and they said that they really liked us a lot (the husband and I really hit it off)  we left with a nice spiritual message, and they gave us referrals!!!  We haven't gotten member referrals in forever!  Later I was talking to the man's sister (who's in another ward) about our dinner and she said that we should feel blessed and that there must be something special about us because they haven't had the missionaries over to dinner in 7 years!  So I guess that's my cool little bit for this week :)

Things are going well with my companion and I and things are great!

I love you all and next week you'll know about transfers!

OK Chutes then;)  Elder Brooksby

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