Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka from your favorite Missionary serving in The Tongan Ward in Waipahu, Oahu, Hawaii!

Man, Christmas is right around the corner and blessings are flowing in this part of the world! The work is slow, as per usual, but it's getting progressively faster and faster with each passing week! The work of a District Leader is kinda difficult but only if you don't have the support of the elders in your district, luckily I have their support and so now I just have to focus on leading by example and keep the work rolling.

But hey in the interest of making sure that there will be plenty to talk about on Sunday, I'll just give the bare bones of my week.
Yes I got a Package from home with 3 wrapped presents (Which will stay wrapped until the phone call) and some memory cards, and data storage devices (which I assume is for storing the pictures after I'm done taking them in order to keep from buying memory card after memory card just for my camera) and a lot of stocking stuffers (I have managed to not open the pistachios yet... but Sunday they will be eaten). Thanks sooo much for those things, it really made my day:) Plus they were delivered Santa Style, left right outside our front door and we have no clue who dropped them off. Best.

This week I also got SOAKED when we went a week without our car during monsoon season haha. One of the old pairs of shoes (The ones that I swore I'd wear until they wore through the heel cause they were like 2 and a half years old) got ruined. But my other nice shoes (The ones we bought specifically for my mission) are great, so now I am wearing a brand new pair of shoes that actually have a sole. Beautiful:)

And I think all the other things I'll just save for Christmas:) I've got a lot of stories to share with you all that will be easier through the phone and I'm sure the same goes for you:)

I Love you all sooooo much and wish everybody a very Merry Christmas:)

Love Elder Brooksby

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