Thursday, December 1, 2011


Hello Hello Family!
It's good to hear from you all! I love getting emails:) I'm glad that you had a good Thanksgiving vacation. I wish I could have a small vacation too, but that's not in the game plan haha. Although Thanksgiving was kind of a day off which was nice:) We spent the evening with our high counselor Brother K. (who always reminds me a lot of my uncle, both in looks and actions so that was nice haha) and because there were so many people in their house, we weren't forced to eat choke (a lot in Hawaiian pidgin). So I didn't! I didn't even eat turkey, there was only a bunch of Kalua Pig there haha. And so Thanksgiving, I was thankful for not being super full after dinner!
Christmas is right around the corner... it will be interesting to see how the Holiday season goes work wise. Right now we're looking at 5 baptisms in December and all of those people are coming along well. Actually this past week was kinda junk as far as the work was concerned but it ended well:) At the beginning of the week we had set up 5 lessons with two of our most promising investigators and things kept popping up in their lives so that not a single one of those lessons we had planned went through. Can you say frustrating?
But like I said it all ended well this week so that's ok. We met a woman whose grand-daughter we are currently trying to work with. But the grandma keeps telling the mom not to let us baptize her daughter because the grandma doesn't want her to be Mormon. So we went over to meet with the grand-daughter and actually her grandma answers the door... and starts being super hostile towards us. But we were just trying to be diplomatic and work through the Spirit and it all worked out. She started to listen to us, then she actually admitted that she had been baptized a Mormon some years earlier but had fallen away. And by the end of our visit, she had requested a blessing, given us some cake, and said we were always welcome and that there was "A reason why you two were sent here tonight. Thank you." So it all worked out better than expected. Human nature can be changed through the spirit!
But not much else has happened as far as the work is concerned, but I'm alive and well and I'm working as hard as I can. So in other words I'm being good, working hard and having fun:)
I Love you all and miss you all so much!
Happy Holidays!
Love Elder Brooksby


  1. Which uncle? He's got 5 and that doesn't count the "by marriage" type! :-D

  2. I love Kalua pig — I could give up turkey for a couple years for that!