Monday, June 11, 2012

One Year!!!

This week has been good for the most part and I'm trying really hard to develop some new habits here on the mission for my last half (gasp!).
I've been writing in my journal every night (nothing substantial just a page or so... some days it's about all I can manage) and then read a little of the Book of Mormon.  Alma 5 is a pretty amazing chapter, it's what I've been studying for the past few nights here.
Well over the past few weeks some pretty interesting things have happened here.  So this girl just got back to Hawaii from college in Utah.  While she was in Utah she took the discussions and was baptized.  She came home and talked to her brother about the whole experience and he decided that he wanted to take the discussions.  So we set up and appointment with him and when we came to teach him we had been invited to have the lesson at their auntie's house. So we went and started to teach him and his older sister also starts listening in.  Just before then end of the lesson their auntie bears her testimony about how she is a convert and how throughout all these years of inactivity she has never attended another church because she prayed about the Book of Mormon and she KNEW that the church was true.  Then we committed all of them to attend church over the next few weeks and they all committed and all came.  Even the auntie came with some of her children.  The young man was in Japan for a week and the sisters didn't want to have another lesson without him so we decided to wait a week for another lesson but still everyone came to church that week.  Then the following week at church everyone was there so we set up another lesson, but this time they want to have it at their mom's place.  Their mom is a VERY strong Catholic, but she got curious I guess and wants to hear how we are different and what we are teaching her kids.  The young woman who went to school in Utah is getting very excited, she wants to convert her whole family!  
That's what happened with my roommate at college, so I'm hoping and praying that the same thing will happen here.  We have the appointment set up for this Wednesday so we'll see how it goes!
Well I love you all, thanks for all of your support!
Muchos Mahalos and Aloha!
Elder Brooksby

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