Monday, June 25, 2012

Oh, how quickly June is passing

Well hello hello everybody:)
It sounds like a very exciting week for you guys, and another very exciting week coming up too!  I wish I could be there for all of the excitement.

This week we (again) we're on splits and I went with the same member as last week to go teach the Catholic woman and her family.  The member I went with is Brother G. and he himself is a convert to the church.  In fact he was studying to be a Catholic priest until he married a less active member, studied the church for SEVEN years, then he was baptized.  So he offered to go teach the woman.  Her daughter is a member who got baptized when she went to school in Utah... (go figure huh?) with us which worked out well because we had more lessons than we could handle.  So Brother G. and I taught she and her children about the restoration and Bro. G. explained why the great apostasy made sense in his eyes.  I shared Amos 8:11 and then shared the Joseph Smith story with them.  Bro. G. gave his testimony about the restored gospel and as we were leaving she was beaming and saying "Now I understand!"  So things are going great here, as far as that is concerned.

Anywho...I hope all is well at home, please keep praying for me.  I love you all and miss you all soooo much:)

Ofa Lahi Atu:)  Elder Brooksby

Here are some pictures from Kona.

 P.S. the picture of me and the girls is a family that we helped get to the temple.  OK follow this chain:  All in the same day those girls I am with were sealed to their parents, who were sealed together after the wife was sealed to her parents who just barely had been sealed that day as well.  So grandparents sealed together, then sealed to their daughter, who was then sealed to her husband, who were then sealed to their kids.  One big chain woot woot!!!

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