Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy 24th of July


Hey Hey Hey everybody:)  
So before I forget and move on to how things are going for you, I wanted to tell you guys a couple things that have happened this week.
1.  My recent convert Stephanie received her patriarchal blessing on Sunday so I'm super pumped:)
2. I HAVE been getting your postcards so thank you guys so much:)  It seemed like you guys were having way too much fun in Washington/this summer vacation in general;)

Welp today before I emailed you guys I went on a hike with our zone to a place called Waipio valley (pronounced like you'd say Y-P-O) and it was a great stress reliever, seeing as how I'm taking over an area, showing Elder M. the area, and we've had two mini-missionaries the past two weekends (priest age young men who are set apart for a weekend and stay with us for 48 hours to see what missionary work is like).  So today was nice.  Also this week we had a ward camp out and we went the second morning to see how things were.  There were a lot of less active members there so we went and talked to them.
I guess a congratulations are in order (well kind of) for B&B's faux graduation!  I'm glad it went well, I wish I could be there for all of these big things.
And I'm still envious that you guys are just partying it up whilst I'm away...  you guys really should consider coming out to release me, cruising the islands for a week and coming home.  Eh? Eh? Eh?

But things are well, Elder M. and I get along great so it's awesome! 

Elder Brooksby handling some chameleons at his Bishop's house 
(the bigger green one is named Paschal like out of Tangled)

Also Happy (belated... OK very belated) Birthday to Mom (yes I do remember that July 7th is your birthday.  And Melissa's birthday too right?)  Sorry I forgot, it's been kinda crazy lately haha.  And a Happy Birfday is in order for a miss Lunnette the Clown!  Oh wait it's actually for Lauren;)  Love you both, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 

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